We’re heading East again due to popular demand - back to Canary Wharf and a whole week of deliciousness slung by the KERBanists:

Mon 17 - Fri 21 Feb


Wood Wharf, just east of Montgomery Square, E14 9SB

10-12 KERB traders each day

A horse box bar courtesy of The Hop Box

Live music from DJ Healer Selecta

Free entry - just bring cash for your lunch

www.kerbfood.com/canary-wharf for who’s on when.

KERB Gherkin - We’re back!

News just in that we have been given permission to bring our weekly market at The Gherkin back. After 6 months of waiting on a decision, this is music to our ears.

It’s also a really symbolic victory for London’s new-wave of open-air eating. That The City of London Corporation have performed a first by permitting a new food market to take place within the Square Mile is really exciting. It enables independently prepared lunches, new food entrepreneurs and choice-starved office workers to have a home, alongside London’s big buildings. It feels like progress for our city!

Thank you, to St Mary Axe (The Gherkin management) for the incredible support and encouragement and thanks as well to The Corporation for listening.

As of next Thursday 30th January, 12pm-2pm, you can come and get your KERB on, weekly in front of The Gherkin.

Head to: http://www.kerbfood.com/gherkin/ for who’s one when.

KERB's on recess at the moment so I took myself off to Marrakech to get away from it all. I tried dallying in the glam spots, lunch at El Fenn, or out at La Pause in the desert, drinks at La Mamounia, and incredible dinners at Le Tobsil and Al Fassia, but the lure of the street kept on drawing me back. How can you not stop and stare when dude’s pulling a lamb out of a hole in the ground and hacking that old rascal up like woah?

My mechoui moment came as I escaped the clutches of the monkey man and the henna woman on Place Djemaa El Fna and ducked up an anonymous looking alley. There I was met with an onslaught of wooden counters glistening with lamb fat. Out the meat would come from that smoking well and be thrown down on the eye-level counter. We all stood and gaped - me, because I’d never seen it before and wanted to get the full measure of it, the rest of them because they were awaiting their orders, and even being old hats were presumably still pretty mesmerised by the seeing to that lamb was getting.

A young couple ordered the head and watched as the man weighed it, wrapped it in paper and then shoved it into a plastic bag. Off they went, looking pretty perky. An old Berber man loitered lasciviously on the sidelines and whispered something in the meat-handler’s ear. With a nonchalant look he opened the lamb up, pulled out a shiny white kidney and gave it to the Berber who tossed it into his mouth with glee. Squelch, squelch, went his jowels as his white whiskers glossed up then off he went about his business.

Then it was my turn. I turned on my French and was soon snarfling a 250g serving of juicy lamb chunks in the sun with a side order of bread and a pinch of cumin salt. Loved it. Now when can we get something like this popping in London? Anyone?

Happy Christmas, to all you food fans and lovers of London!

2013 has been a trip - our first full year and full of lots of learning, graft, discovery, and of course, deliciousness. This was the year that:

We grew our offer at KX with the help of funding from City Hall - introducing KERB Saturdays to the party

We grew our City presence…and then had it revoked…and launched a petition to bring back KERB at The Gherkin that got everyone talking

KERB does Peckham happened - with the help of the brilliant Peckham Crave

We headed over to Royal Ascot...only to discover that all they really wanted to do was eat chips

And into some more fields for Louder Lounge at V Festival and Lounge on the Farm for a more Kentish experience

We secured UCL as our first London University where KERBaciousness could rein on the Quad

And took our traders to the top of City Hall for an Urban Food Fest

Then ran a pilot with Westminster Council to help bring something fresh to the lovely Maida Hill Place

This was also the year that we provided dozens of private parties, weddings and events with the best catering they’d ever had, courtesy of our brilliant traders

Then we turned 1, cooked up a big party and fed a LOT of people

And then rounded off the year with a 20-strong trader Christmas Market at Canary Wharf and a magical 2-date special at The Gherkin.

Thank you to everyone who has been to eat, sling, chat, hang out and experience some of the best cooking that London has to offer - and for helping make our city that much more exciting as a result. Lots more to come in 2014 as we expand the KERBaciousness and go All-City to bring London even more switch in its hips.

See you there!


KERB is back at The Gherkin for Christmas!

We’re just a bit excited! Come and have lunch with us this Thursday and next - here’s who’s cooking for the return:  


KERB Saturdays at Maida Hill Place

We love it in W9 - a place where everything happens.

Have you been yet? KERB traders + brilliant producers brightening up the concrete. Delicious. (Bring a shopping bag and come hungry).


Have you heard about the concoctions our lot are plotting in their food labs?

The Grilling Greek with his ‘Freaky Greeky’, crucified meat and devil’s sauce…BBQ LAB's Frankenstein's Fingers and Devilled Pig's Face - served from the mad scientist himself…BAO are introducing their black Bao with blood sauce…Bell & Brisket are laying on their deep-fried pickled pumpkin and Frightening Fries, while Dosa Deli are getting out the chainsaw to perform gruesome carvery on their pumkpin masala dosas.

What the Dickens! are getting offaly vile - devilled kidneys and devilled pheasant and rainbo are turning their gyozas pumpkin and chilli. Our favourite Mobster, Fleisch Mob is pulling bloody noodles from the pan with orange and sage and Mexican favourites, Ambriento are stirring up Creepy Crawly tacos and ancho-roasted tacos (smoking!).

Vampire Slayer and Bloody Mess pizzas are surfacing from the Well Kneaded Wagon and Frightening Fabada out of the Donostia truck of horrors. And Tongue ‘n Cheek has gone mad. Check this out:

So I though that I could theme my stall into a human butchery, all of us dressed as surgeons, possibly with some funny human fake parts hanging around. Also I’ll show case “the wife tongue” (Pity it would only an ox one) maybe with a piercing and serve it with special blood sauce or similar, for the occasion.

Then for burgers as we have already the Heartbreaker burger that is quite Halloween it self I will make a special Heartbreaker called Trick or Treat where I’ll ask the punters to choose among some jars containing different hot sauces ( selected among the RibMan range), those to be injected into the burger patty before cooking it, this without knowing how hot and scary the selected sauce it will be as the jars will have only numbers and no other indications. 

For the ‘treats’, hold tight:

Kooky Bakes - Zombie Food, Eyeballs and Spooky bakes

Sorbitium - Baked Hearts, Hot Blood sundaes, veiny choc-ices

You Doughnut - Ghoulish Green Deathnuts and Beastly Blood Bites

This is one freaky food party you don’t want to miss - grab some face paint, some friends and some cash and head up to the LAST KERB PARTY UNDER THE CANOPY before the spectre of Waitrose takes over the spot….SPOOKSVILLE.

http://www.kerbfood.com/events/kerb-s-halloween-hellraiser/ for more information.

We kicked off our first saturday at Maida Hill Place on Saturday and were blessed with the most beautiful weather (sandwiched between two of the most gruesome days in ages). Luck! These pics show the start and the finish - not sure what happened in the middle, too busy to snap I guess…

This is the first time that we’ve headed into West London. It feels very mixed, very interesting and one where there is more than a passing curiosity for what KERB is all about. Whether that’s people coming up to us thanking us for ‘bringing life into the area’, or others who lag through looking utterly baffled at the site of our lot doing their thing. It’s also the first time for KERB to really offer up some brilliant producers and start hooking people into not just the kerbside chow zone, but also the chance to scoop up some food to take home and cook.

The morning began fairly quietly and we wondered if anyone was going to come, but by 12.30 the place was thronging with people wanting their food and delighted to have us nearby to provide it. I loved seeing how Maida Hill Place became transformed by the addition of food and people and music - and we even befriended the local gospel choir (which I’m well excited about).

Less forthcoming were the posse of drinkers who hang, Eddie Murphy-style, in that space usually. As the market died down they all came back to repopulate and the business of chugging cans resumed. What will be interesting to see is whether our Saturday market can become a true space for all walks of life, where everyone feels at home…or am I just tripping?

Let’s go find out!

KERB at Maida Hill Place takes place every Saturday until Christmas - 10am-3pm: http://www.kerbfood.com/maida-hill-place/ for more info.